Structured Water and Intentional Oil, What’s the connection?

Intentional Oils grew out of the idea that our thoughts can influence not only ourselves, our health and wellbeing, but the health and well being of those around us.

Being mostly water, we are interconnected with all living things on the planet, because water is the principle carrier of life, and all memory, collective, ancestral, and personal.

It is difficult to explain in this short missive just how influential water is in our lives, but suffice to say prayer, intention, and focussed energy has been demonstrated to directly impact the structure and efficacy of water.

Speaking to Water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeeAMNxuqio

Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Full Documentary 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM2TL7SRYU0

As Intent has such a demonstrable impact on water, it is not such a great leap to consider that Intention may also impact and influence the structure of the edible and consumable oils that we uses daily.

As such, Intentional Oils, aims to provide the highest quality, pressed, on demand, bespoke, nut and seed oils for you to use on a daily basis, enlivened with Reiki “Universal Life Energy” AND whatever positive, pure, Intention you desire, to enhance you and your family’s day to day, healthy lifestyle.

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