What are Intentional Oils?


Intentional Oils” is a bespoke, cold pressed nut and seed oil service that aims to enliven pressed on demand consumable oils with Reiki Energy and with imprinted Intentions.

We know that from research the frozen crystals of water can be imprinted with words of intent and that each word of intent arranges the frozen water crystals into a unique patterns.

We also know that Reiki energy can be infused into daily objects to enhance the environment around us and to clear away negative energies and influences.

Fresh cold pressed nut and seed oils are the most optimal form of oils that our bodies can use and consume. Enlivening these oils with Reiki energy and imprinting them with the intention of your choice, may help to maximise the beneficial elements of the oils you choose to use.

Thus, it is our intent at Intentional Oils to provide you with exclusive, bespoke, cold pressed oils on-demand that that are enlivened with healing energy and intention to assist you with your daily life, health and wellbeing needs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a fresh, healthy, enlivened, and well intentioned oil for either your food or wellness needs.

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